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General guest terms

Introductory notes
Villa Merula (hereinafter referred to as Merula) provides accomodation services which are in accordance with the General Guest Terms and with the confirmation and specification received for each individual reservation. Merula cannot be held responsible for circumstances which are outside its control, such as armed conflict, terrorism, riots or disturbances, strikes, natural disasters and adverse weather conditions, epidemics, prohibitions, restrictions imposed by local government, etc.



1. The Subject of the Contract
The subject of this contract is the settlement of relations between the Merula on the one side, and for the accomodation user (hereinafter the guest) on the other side, during the process of booking accomodation from the offer of the Web page villas-merula.com.



2. Reservation and concluding the contract
The contract between the guest and Merula comes into force with the binding reservation (verbally, in writing or by e-mail). From that moment onward, the rights and obligations of the contractual parties are regulated by these General Terms of Business and apply to the guest and Merula. Confirmation of reservation will be immediatly delivered to the guest by e-mail.Merula may without obligation accept any kind of special demand (ie request), but the request is not legally binding for Merula and will be fulfilled only if it has been issued a written confirmation.
In the event of payment arrangements not being made according to Article 3.2, the reservation may be cancelled, with Merula having no obligation towards the guest.



3. Prices and terms of payment

3.1. Price of the accomodation
Price of the accomodation includes a basic service which is fully described in reservation confirmation Supplemental services are those which are not included in the price per day and these are extra charged. These services must be asked during the reservation.
Prices of the accomodation are in EUR. Merula hold his right on the change of the pubblished prices. For guests who payed the advance for a certain reservation, a tenant guarantee them a price which was pointed out when they done the payment. Any additional services requested by the guest are not included in the price and must be payed on the spot to the person in charge of the facility's keys, or to the owner.
The minimum length of 7 nights. The day of arrival/departure is Saturday, unless otherwise specified. The accomodation prices (unless otherwise specified) include:WI-FI,usual consumption of electricity, heating in winter and air-con in summer, water consumpiton, final cleaning, bedding, bath towels and tourist tax.


3.2. Payment
Regardless of whether the reservation has been made directly by the guest, or through a partner agency, upon receiving confirmation of reservation the guest/agency has to make and advance payment of 30 % within the next 3 days, this definitely confirming the booking. The balance of the full amount has to be paid at least 30 days before arrival and starting to using the reserved service. For reservations made within 21 days before arrival the total amount of reservation must be paid in the next 24 hours. Payment of reservations made within 21 days before arival must be reconfirmed by written confirmation (fax or e-mail) of the made payment. Merula reserves the right to request a valid credit card number from the guest as payment guarantee. In the case of the guest not sticking to the payment deadlines, the reservation may be cancelled.


3.3. Reservation cancellation
In the event of the guest cancelling the reservation, the following cancellation fees will be charged:

  • Reservation cancellations notified max 42 days before arrival: 30 % of the total reservation cost is charged
  • Reservation cancellations notified between 41 and 28 days before arrival: 50 % of the total reservation cost is charged
  • Reservation cancellations notified between 27 and 8 days before arrival: 70 % of the total reservation cost is charged
  • Reservation cancellations 7 and 1 day before arrivall: 80 % of the total reservation cost is charged.

The day when the cancellation notice has been received is considered the cancellation date (if it happens to be a holiday or Sunday, it will be the next working day). In case of no-show or unnanounced delayed arrival, Merula keeps the total reservation amount.
If a guest must cancel the reservation before the commencement of the service, Villa Merula offers him/her a possibility to find a new guest for the same reservation, if possible. In such case, Villa Merula shall only charge the actual cots caused by change of the reservation. The new reservation user takes over all obligations from these General Terms.


3.4. Travel insurance
Villa Merula advises all its guests to take a travel insurance that covers the event of cancellation of reservation.



4. Time of arrival and departure; shortening or extending your stay
After setting the total reservation cost, travel documents will be delivered to the guest confirming that he/she is the legitimate user of the booked accomodation. These travel documents include a voucher, a description of the journey decribing the accurate route to the accomodation and accurate information about where to collect the accomodation's keys after presenting their confirmation of paying for the booking – the voucher.
The guest is asked to pay attention to the contact numbers in order to be able to contact the accmodation's owner or a person in charge of the keys. Upon arrival the guest must hand in their travel and personal documents to the person giving them the house/apartment keys, who will then register the guest by the authorities and immediately return their personal documents. The estimated time of arrival/departure is listed in the travel documents. The time of arrival must be between 4 PM and 7PM, while the time of departure is till 10 AM. In the event of arrival not being possible before 7 PM, the guest is obligated to notify the travel agent or person in charge of the keys, with whom they will arrange when to collect the keys.



5. Maximum number of people
The accomodation units from our offer may only be accomodated by the maximum number of people listed in the description of the reserved accomodation unit posted on Merula`s Web pages. The same applies to children, regardless of their age, with the exception of facilities allowing another child under the age of four free of charge. The guest is asked to mention this fact while booking. It is also forbidden to place tents or caravans on the land belonging to the facility. In the event of exceeding the maximum number of people, or placing a tent or caravan on the facility's land, the owner may charge a fee per extra person, or remove the extra people from the estate, demand the removal of the tent or caravan. If the guest ignores the request, everyone will be removed from the estate and no refund will be made.



6. Categorization and service description
Accommodation units are described in accordance with the official categorization of the authorized institution, and each owner of an accommodation unit is required to make the category of the accommodation unit visible.
Standards for accommodation, services, etc. differ from place to place, country to country, and cannot be compared.



7. Villa Merula's obligations towards guests
Merula must constantly strive to ensure the quality of services rendered, in accordance with legal regulations, industry standards and accepted tourism, hotelier and catering guidelines and customs.
The Merula will strive to fulfill its obligations as taken on, in their entirety, except in the case of circumstances outside our control.



8. Guest obligations
The guest must supply and carry all personal documents necessary for checking into and checking out of Merula. The guest must comply with the house rules laid down for each individual accommodation facility comprising the Merula. Before arrival, the guest must enquire into travel regulations between the Republic of Croatia and the country from which he/she is traveling, and check whether any additional travel document is required for his/her entry into and stay in the Republic of Croatia.
The guests are obligated to obey the house rules. Minors must always be accompanied with an adult. We preserve the right to end the contract with an immediate effect when the guest do not obey the house rules.


8.1. Deposit
Upon arrival you must pay a deposit of 300 euro in cash which is to be stored. The deposit will be returned if there was no damages.


8.2. Pets
Pets can be held only after consultation. Thank you for understanding. For every pet you must pay a daily fee of 50, euros/week.



9. Damages
The guest undertakes to settle without delay all costs of damage or loss incurred as a consequence of deliberate or non-deliberate acting caused by the guest or other persons spending their holiday with the guest. The guest's responsibility for damage will be charged in the full damage amount and collected within 30 days from the last day of the sojourn.



10. Liabilities of Villa Merula
Villa Merula is not liable for loss of personal stuff, damaging of personal things or injuries, accidents or events with lethal results during the sojourn of the guests. The guests use all facilities of Villa Merula on their own responsibility.



11. Court authority
All disputes or disagreements shall be resolved by mutually acceptable agreement, and if a solution cannot be reached, the local competent court in Pula shall arbitrate.